About Us

SonoFrambow is the project of a musician and photographer who is concerned and captivated by the mutations of the artistic industry.

This blog is a place to exchange on the digital revolution that has changed the value chain of the industry. The distribution channel created by new technologies does not fit the traditional pattern of:

creation interpretation production diffusion consumption

This offers prospects for artists and new players, while knowing that recorded music is still difficult to monetize on the Internet. Thus, services have emerged as a result of this revolution. How are they developing? Do they have a viable economic model?

The goal is to encourage initiative, independence, diversity and innovation, to allow artists to spread in a model that is reinventing itself. SonoFrambow is based on new uses, strategies, reflections, Internet tools, innovative artists, etc. A vast subject where nothing is fixed.

Welcome to our art blog!

Everyone has heard about blogs. What are the benefits for a musician/band? SonoFrambow is a website that allows you to express yourself on a particular subject and to gather a community. The interface is simple, even if some tend towards complex architectures equivalent to websites. It is a marketing and promotional tool, to work on its online notoriety and to give a different image than what the public knows/perceives.

Articles are regularly published, classified by order from the most recent to the oldest, and also associated with categories. It is a structure that facilitates access to information. The blogosphere offers an almost infinite variety of content, to target a specific readership, which will find interest in it rather than turning to the uniformity that dominates the traditional media, especially in art, music and photography. SonoFrambow allows you to spread your message, your interests, without heavy investment and complex channel. You can freely diffuse a wide variety of content.

This blog is gonna ROCK your world.

Frank Kambo