Frank Kambo

Guitarist, big fan of 70’s rock, and also of rock in the broad sense. For as long as the flame is there. Knows life in a band, on tour and in the studio. The first local hit song is called SonoFrambow, honored in the name of this blog. Graduated in Creative and Cultural Industries, followed by experiences in music 2.0 in parallel with a life as a musician and portrait photographer. Feels very concerned by the issues that have arisen with the Internet. 

SonoFrambow is dedicated to the artist of the future, that is to say to an entrepreneur AND a creator, able to surround himself with competent partners. An artist staying in touch with a sector in perpetual motion that offers many opportunities thanks to new technologies. This is the opposite of the ageing system of concentrated distribution of the majors. Because I think that this mutation, although opaque and complex, allows to satisfy the music lovers looking for diversity, quality and connection with the artists. I believe in a dynamic future, led by an independent creative community evolving in a new artistic stratosphere.

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Careers for Artists and Arts Professionals

Whether you are an artist wanting to build a career, or an Academic seeking an opportunity, or a writer creating a book, there are many careers for artists and arts professionals to choose from. These careers are generally satisfying and long-term. Creating art is an amazing and creative experience and galleries, museums, and similar venues are some of the only places you can find quality art so it is vital to choose a career that allows you to use your artistic abilities to the fullest. Below are three of the best careers for artists and arts professionals.

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